Establishment Science Proven Wrong Again: Study Suggests High-Fat Diet Healthier Than High-Carb

This is why you should never trust establishment science.

Source: Establishment Science Proven Wrong Again: Study Suggests High-Fat Diet Healthier Than High-Carb


Bollocks to Barbara Woodhouse!

So here I am this morning, attempting to walk my dog in an “orderly” manner along the pavement for her morning download. She’s almost a year old, we took her in in November though. My attempts to train her are patchy. We’ve had a hot summer in Bavaria, and the poor baby has been lethasrgic and sleepy with my attempts to accompany her on the “Lucy Loop”. Shei is nameed afterthe Frank Zappa song “Lucille” and I love every second I spend with her. She healed all the grief and guilt I suffered following the death of my parents. Whilst at dog training school, some of the trainers are rough with dogs, following I believe the German authoritarian streak still. This was fashionable in the 1980s in the UK wth the abovementioned, but in my opinion “positive” training is now the way forward. Some Germans seem to think their methods are advanced but I reckon the US, a nation so nuts it even has dog crematoruiums, is the lworld leader in training. I own Zak George’s book and am reading Karen Pryor’s “Don’t Shoot The Dog”. We are now post-Barbara and into a fascinating, more loving world of “operant conditioning”. Here is Babs. She seems obssessed with the “choke chain”.  I’m uncertain whether she meant to put it round the dog’s neck or the owner!

What if Oasis had written a song about toilet training?

Source: What if Oasis had written a song about toilet training?

Should a German in Berlin expect to be served in German?

This is the gist of this Telegraph article:

In the comments below there lies this gem:

“This article gives me a little angst but also some shadenfreude.It made me sneeze over my wurst breakfast (wife said gesundheit!).

I’m looking forward to this evening’s fest for some schnitzel, pretzels, sauerkraut and strudel dessert washed down with lager sprintzer and schnapps. The zeitgeist is wonderful although I don’t really eat delicatessen.  As usual I will take too much food and the doberman, dachshund and poodles will be happy.

I need to go now as I have to take the little one to kindergarten.  She really is a wunderkind. I went to fill the Volkswagen up with diesel now but it’s kaput so I have called an uber.  I mustn’t forget my rucksack.”

Sadly a lot of Little Englanders go on about “We won” but fail to note who really has the better country after the war. Cleaner, neater, swept streets…..

Who killed Gaia?

A week ago I rejected the methodology of polyculture in my garden. In so doing I returned to scientific methods of planting, measured distances and selected breeds. In short – agronomic based gardening. I read carefully the instructions on the seed packets and planted accordingly.

What I am thinking is that the Gaia idea has run its course. If you read herehere and here it seems there are parallels between the belief in climate influenced by humans which parallel the ancient religions. I was/am a lover of the philosophy of permaculture, but it seems that some of the movement has been hijacked by zealots. For the record, I am no militant climate denier, neither am I a rabid believer in AGW.

Ideology shattered into ash

“All that we amassed, sits before us shattered into ash¨ Bastille, Things we lost in the fire

In my opinion, part of this post-2012 phenomenon has involved the waking up process where many of the ideologies which have governed our lives the last few decades have been proven to be well, bollocks. I’ll outline some of them:

– A diet low in fat is the way to lose weight. Proven wrong since the sugar-leptin link has reached the masses.

– A gym with an instructor teaching you what’s best for your body on machines. The new functional exercise movement – Crossfit, callisthenics, prison fitness, is leading to real strength and fitness gains impossible in a gym on 1970s ¨nautilus¨ shell machines.

– Methods in permaculture such as polycultures have at their heart, a philosophy which annual plants emulate some kind of ¨natural¨ ecosystem. As a practitioner of this system for many years, I’m now abandoning it, in favour of more scientific systems.

– Beekeeping using top bar hives. Hugely popular on the internet, rejecting experienced beekeeping systems in favour of some kind of ecological nirvana for complete beginners. The reality is, I am told after chatting to a traditional beekeeping shop owner, is that only experience beekeepers ought to undertake this when they know what they are doing, not a complete novice.

– Dog training using ¨positive reinforcement¨- after we got a dog, I bought into this concept, having Googled and found a bloke on the web with multiple hits. Further research showed this system to never take into account the breed, the instincts of the dog, and furthermore, the scientific approach to dog behaviour which has been practised for generations.

I’m sure there are others. What I think these ideologies have in common is that they all seem quick, easy and cheap but in practice are quite the opposite.

Why I left Toytown Germany

So it wasn’t just be who voted with his mouse…

Toytown is full of condescending, bitter expats who love tearing down curious newcomers and anyone who doesn’t already have a full working knowledge of the German system. I recently saw them chastising someone for asking a question, because apparently Toytown is a forum for people to discuss German life, not ask questions. Um, okay…?

I had the same problem with my account not getting verified. After a while, I realised it was a blessing in disguise. This forum and /berlin can get a little heated, but it’s nothing compared to Toytown. It’s basically an archive of outdated threads from 5+ years ago, thus a lot of the information on there isn’t very relevant anymore- probably because no one is able to post anything.


A beginner’s guide to Queen…

This post is from a good friend of mine who was in Stoke Poly with me…

Source: A beginner’s guide to Queen…

The rise of the Middle Age Traveller

If you were one of those who did the “Dordogne Dream” in the 1980s you’ll have an acquaintance with France and the mini-property boom which ensued as we Brits bought up old ruins and renovated them. The French on their side, saw just ramshackle old barns and weed filled land which they were only too happy to get rid of. This surge back in the 90s is no longer so. For it seems there is another kind of invasion underway across France, with couples driving vans the same colour as their hair across the land.

I have just returned from an awesome holiday in my tiny caravan touring France. For us, it was a test to regain faith in the car and van as we’ve had some disasters, part of my own making – not checking tyres enough and yeah….driving too fast! Our main regions are France and Spain. We usually don’t take a site the first night, we rather stay at a motorway rest stop, buy croissants then drive on to where we put down on a site for the night.

Here is our lst of fave sites:

France Camping Peyrelade Brantome

Pyrenees Orientale Camping Les Criques Argeles Sur Mer

Tarn Camping Les Prades


Playa Montroig

Los Madrillos

Camping Javea


How to go Extreme Woo Woo

Yesterday I mentioned to my kids that I often sat quietly in my favourite chapel and heard sounds. They all looked at me and found it tough to understand. Then I started to surf. Bear in mind I’ve been into Qi Gong three years. I’ve only just understood what Jing, Chi and Shen really are.


So here are some fascinating links about the Matrix, what it really is, what lies behind the Red Pill (I was correct), and the other links:

…and lastly a Russian program about telekinesis: