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I'm a stay at home Dad into gardening, cooking, self-sufficiency, and like to observe and film the Bavarian countryside and its traditions.

A beginner’s guide to Queen…

This post is from a good friend of mine who was in Stoke Poly with me…

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The rise of the Middle Age Traveller

If you were one of those who did the “Dordogne Dream” in the 1980s you’ll have an acquaintance with France and the mini-property boom which ensued as we Brits bought up old ruins and renovated them. The French on their side, saw just ramshackle old barns and weed filled land which they were only too happy to get rid of. This surge back in the 90s is no longer so. For it seems there is another kind of invasion underway across France, with couples driving vans the same colour as their hair across the land.

I have just returned from an awesome holiday in my tiny caravan touring France. For us, it was a test to regain faith in the car and van as we’ve had some disasters, part of my own making – not checking tyres enough and yeah….driving too fast! Our main regions are France and Spain. We usually don’t take a site the first night, we rather stay at a motorway rest stop, buy croissants then drive on to where we put down on a site for the night.

Here is our lst of fave sites:

France Camping Peyrelade Brantome

Pyrenees Orientale Camping Les Criques Argeles Sur Mer

Tarn Camping Les Prades


Playa Montroig

Los Madrillos

Camping Javea


How to go Extreme Woo Woo

Yesterday I mentioned to my kids that I often sat quietly in my favourite chapel and heard sounds. They all looked at me and found it tough to understand. Then I started to surf. Bear in mind I’ve been into Qi Gong three years. I’ve only just understood what Jing, Chi and Shen really are.


So here are some fascinating links about the Matrix, what it really is, what lies behind the Red Pill (I was correct), and the other links:


…and lastly a Russian program about telekinesis:

Post-post crisis….

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Rebuilding a career after kids

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Walk, run then fly -an approach to learning coding

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Palestine is Still the Issue

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Why did Brexit and Trump happen?

Right then,

Here is my simple humble opinion. Having been kicked off my expat forum for of all crimes, understanding why (in my own opinion) Brexit happened and committing the crime of being relieved Hilary never got in (kind of like denying God leading to excommunication in earlier days), I have come to the conclusion from my observations here in Germany that reality is the new black this year. I have almost teenage kids, and I see their minds click-clicking away, and as an early adopter of the Internet was pondering why I couldn’t tell them to switch it off. I’m 50, old enough to remember three channels on the telly in Britain and the hoohar when Channel Four came. I have been reading a fascinating book “The Revenge of Analog” which discusses how real stuff is making a return. After decades of virtual everything, people are desperate for Real Life again. They are buying vinyl albums, paper books, getting real jobs (not call centre crap).

This tallies with my own experiences. I trained in a field called geographic information systems in 1990 and back then, was to many people the dog’s nads when it came to getting a map made. “Let me through I’m a geographer!” was my war cry. So when the sun stopped shining, and I ended up on the scrapheap when Google Earth and Indian outsourcing swept my glitter away, I was left high and dry. Then I recently vegan to figure out what had drawn me to different things since. After my five years mapping the Arabian Gulf I was drawn to sculpture – stained glass and pottery, then while learning German in Munich, I chilled by learning guitar, all the while dreaming of my own home with a garden, and being a home cook.

When my parents died, the only thing which calmed me down was the dream of building a wooden boat (still yes a dream lying in bits in the garage, learning to use a scythe, becoming a beekeeper, building an earth oven to bake pizzas.

What all these things have in common is my desire to embrace reality. Physical, real stuff, as opposed to 1s and 0s. In my opinion, we have seen amazing thigs with the Internet the last decades, but there is simply too much crud out there. It has become  Roger Waters’ “I got thirteen channels of shit on the TV to choose from”) and now you can watch what we used to call snuff moveis thanks to ISIS online if you want. So I believe the net has caused more trouble than benefits. Here in Germany, they still view the web as positive, and that’s because I believe they didn’t outsource everything to Bangalore like we in US/UK did. This is why nationalism / regionalism has taken over. Bavaria may one day go independent, as Catalonia, they have been paying for other pooerer regions of Europe, and what have they had back? Only trouble. So I think localisation, and turning off the virtual world (ironically you are reading this on the net, but I think WordPress is one of the more discerning platforms to use).

So here, I present the scene from Network…


This is one of John’s most interesting posts.

The Slog.

methink1 With an election in the offing and a US President behaving oddly, the weather may well be the last thing on your mind. If so, this post may change your mind.

When I was younger, exploring the natural world didn’t interest me that much. Possessing a brain full of politics, history, footie, sex and music didn’t leave much room for mountains, river deltas , plants, weather and wild animals. There was also, in our family, my Mum – and her conviction that straying too far south or East was asking for trouble.

“When your father came back from the war in the Far East, love,” she’d say, “he looked like a centre-pole holding up a tent”. Travel to anywhere prefaced by the word ‘Far’, she felt, was a recipe for death from poor hygiene. When I told her some years ago I was going to be camped by the…

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A Ten Shun! Wait For It…

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