About Jeremy…

Gardener, cook, healer, teacher

I’m leaving my old profile below in italics. Since I “rebooted” I have never ever been this healthy. I discovered how to be  healthy and never want to be ill again. I lost 10kg in months and it’s stayed off. I’m on the more spiritual path nowadays, trying to raise two beautiful kids, not taking stuff overly seriously. I grow food, I learnt to cook it well, and I’m slowly learning about healing through herbs/spices/food and Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong. When I feel experienced in the latter I’ll help others, but I’m not there yet.



Middle aged old fart stay at home Dad with slightly glittered career behind him as scientist/researcher in GIS and geodetics in sometimes crummy establishments. Nowadays – hiker, XC skier, mountain biker, gardener, cook.

My attempts to develop a veg garden often fail thanks to frost and slugs. I have decided to make my garden a celebration of pests. The slugs are now welcome in the garden, as is the harsh climate. The reverse logic being that when you want them to come they’ll bugger off.

And the strategy works. This year there are no slugs, the veg garden is infested with food and looks like a great year in prospect.


6 thoughts on “About Jeremy…

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  2. Hi Roger – I read your comments about Germany in the Guardian with great interest I have always wanted to live in Germany – I studied German at Uni and spent a lot of time in the country – but family reasons have prevented me from doing so thus far the big question I have is the employment situation, even with the current economic boom in the country is it still difficult to find employment? John

  3. Hi Roger,

    just read your comments on the Guardian about the Murdoch-meltdown currently in progress. I too have an F5 addiction to the blog. It’s nice to see another ex-pat from the depressing times of the Thatcher generation keeping up with UK story, especially one who lives just down the road from me. The Germans don’t quite understand us on this, I think.

    I was in England last week when the story broke and was given a copy of the final NotW to bring back to Munich. Hopefully, it will serve as historical reminder of the day that the people decided that enough was enough.

  4. Hi Roger,

    Your ditty made me laugh!!! Mind if I post it in the GIS Humor section of GISNuts.com – with a link to your blog post of course?

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