100 Days of Silk

Returning myself to fitness after a long bout of flu

This has been one of the most lousy eras I can remember, not just for me but for my family and community. On my side, I’ve suffered a very long bout of flu, according to the German media the worst in ages. Now that I am taking eucalyptus tablets, I feel it is easing.

The other event was the closing of the 300-male migrant centre near us. I bear absolutely no ill to these men, but we cannot be blamed for being cautious, no scared, since the Cologne attacks in 2015. It was unsafe to walk the streets, as they were walking up and down all the time.

I’m back into my favourite stretching sequence in Qi Gong so massage my internal organs, which is pretty much what the Eight Pieces of Brocade actually do.

This summer we will be indulging into the nature of Christianity. Not Kumbaya but a kind of new way of seeing the faith, which I believe hasn’t been actually looked at this way before. It helps that I shall be reading my Dan Brown / Holy Blood Holy Grail books again!



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