Jeremy Stocks

Aspiring Java Developer, Web Designer (not yet though), former saviour of Mongolia’s souls, single handed rescuer of the German railway network, and laird of the Aber Valley in Wales – all in a mapping sense of course.

My former life as a mapping and field work/expedition guy took me round the world in a James bond lifestyle on the cheap. It was part Dirk Pitt by Clive Cussler, part Brody in “Homeland” but with huge overnotes of Johnny English…..most of it Mr Bean!!

About six months ago I embraced healthy lo-carb living cutting sugar and wheat, beginning Qi Gong which I have fallen in love with as a kind of Taoist yoga. It keeps me fit and defeats illness.

What I do at the moment: Senior International Market Building Czar*, Waste Disposal Recycling Consultant**, Plant Matter Removal Specialist***, *I build up and take down a local market stall, **I take their waste packaging to the tip! ***I cut the grass for another lady in summer.


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